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About the Tribunal

The Statutory and Other Offices Remuneration Tribunal (SOORT) is constituted under the Statutory and Other Offices Remuneration Act 1975.

The Governor appoints a person to hold office as the Tribunal. The Tribunal may hold office for a period not exceeding 3 years and is eligible for re-appointment.The Tribunal is currently assisted by 2 Assessors. The Tribunal and Assessors are as follows:


Mr Richard Grellman AM


Mr Blair Comley (Secretary, Department of Premier and Cabinet)


Mr Ken Baxter

The Tribunal is required to make annual determinations on remuneration payable to the following groups:

  • Public Service Senior Executives (PSSE)
  •  Chief and Senior Executive Service (SES) - as required under the provisions in the Government Sector Employment Act 2013 (GSE Act), that allow for a three year implementation period for the SES to transition to the new Public Service Senior Executive structure.
  •  Judges and Magistrates Group
  •  Court and Related Officers Group
  • Public Office Holders Group

Under the GSE Act reforms the annual determinations now take effect from 1 July in that year, rather than 1 October in that year. The Tribunal may also make special determinations on issues referred by the Minister.

The Tribunal is also required, under the transitional provisions in the GSE Act, to determine compensation claims for SES and Police Service SES officers whose contracts have been terminated or not renewed. The Tribunal has issued a Statement of the Principles it applies in determining compensation matters. For further information please refer to Applications for Compensation.

Ministerial responsibility is with the Premier, except in matters relating to Police Service SES where the responsibility is with the Minister for Police.

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