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About the Tribunal

The Parliamentary Remuneration Tribunal is constituted under the Parliamentary Remuneration Act 1989.

The Act requires that the Tribunal consist of a judicial member of the Industrial Relations Commission appointed by the President on a part time basis. The Tribunal may hold office for a period not exceeding 3 years and is eligible for re-appointment. The Minister may also appoint a person or persons to assist the Tribunal in any inquiry.

The office of Tribunal is currently held by the Hon Justice Conrad Staff. Justice Staff is a retired judicial member of the Industrial Relations Commission. The Tribunal is eligible for re-appointment following his current term.

The Tribunal is required to make determinations of additional entitlements that are to be available to Members of Parliament and recognised Office Holders, and to approve proposed amendments to the Parliamentary Contribution Superannuation Act 1971. Recognised Office Holders are listed in Schedule 1 of the Act.

Parliamentary remuneration in the form of basic salary, additional salary and expense allowance are a matter of statutory entitlement under Part 2 of the Act. Additional entitlements that are the subject of the determinations may be in any form (including for example allowances, services, facilities or equipment).

Annual determinations are required by no later than 31 May each year to take effect from 1 July in that year. The Tribunal's report and determination are tabled in the Parliament and published in the NSW Government Gazette. Ministerial responsibility for the Tribunal is with the Premier.

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