About the LGRT

LGRT Office Holders

Tribunal: Dr Robert Lang

Assessor: Mr Tim Hurst, Chief Executive of the Office of Local Government

Assessor: Mr Brian Bell PSM

Types of Determinations

Annual Determinations

The Tribunal is required to make annual determinations on the categorisation of each council, county council and mayoral office for the purpose of determining the minimum and maximum fees payable to councillors, members of county councils and mayors in each category.

Special Determinations

The Tribunal may also make special determinations on issues referred by the Minister for Local Government.

Effective date of Determinations

Annual determinations take effect from 1 July each year.

Special determinations take effect from the date specified in the determination.

Publication of Determinations

The Tribunal's reports and determinations are tabled in the Parliament and published in the NSW Government Gazette.



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